Used simulators

All the simulators or cinemas used are completely reconditioned before delivery by Ferretti International Co. Is covered by a 12-month warranty after installation


15-seater simulator 6-axis hydraulic system mounted on a semitrailer of mt. 13.60 with suspicion of air and abs. The trailer is complete with air conditioning, 100 kw electric generator, hydraulic façade. The simulator is complete with 3d inside the capsule and special effects such as: water, facial explosion, neck blast, mint, strobe, wind.


This simulator is vxl manufactured by tompson. mounted on semitrailer of mt. 13,60 with 2 axles, abs and air suspencion. The trailer is complete of ticket box with air conditioning and electric generator. The simulator has been completely refurbished by ferretti co with installation of new electric box, new computer, new projector, 3d inside the capsule and special effects inside the capsule.


Complete of 9 seats 3 axis hydraulich completely reconditioned with new plc, new computer, new projector, new seats, new screen and 10 special effects.


Simulator with 16 seats mounted on semitrailer of 10 meters lenght, air suspencion, abs, ticket box that goes up/down from the trailer hydraulically, hydraulich facade in the traile and also in the facade, electric generator.
Simulator manufactured new in 2013 and in excellent conditions. The simulator is complete of 3d and special effects inside the capsule.


Indirizzo: Strada Statale 63, 114, 42044 Santa Vittoria di Gualtieri RE

Telefono: 0522 833521